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Thursday, July 23, 2015


Assalamualaikum and hello...

It's been a while since my last update? Isn't it? hahaha

Okay...dah 3 tahun kot selamat password ingat lagi. 3 tahun yang lepas masih lagi pegang title CIK tp selepas 3 tahun i telah menjadi PUAN. Tak adalah lama sangat dapat title baru tu tapi kire ohsem jugaklah dapat tukar status tu hahaha...silly me :P

Apa-apa pun alhamdulilah everything went so well tapi tak berapa nak well dari segi kerja. Cara cakap macam manusia bekerjaya sangat kan? padahal so so je pun...

Since I’m graduated until now I’m working at one of local bank here in KL. Alhamdulilah, it’s been five years now.  It was a wonderful journey for me. This is where I begin my career. From zero to not so hero but boleh lah :p I still remember my first day at the office. It’s super-duper busy day. Everyone so busy with their own business and I was like lost in the middle of nowhere. I’m just pray that they give me something to do. Even if they ask me to count 1 until 10 I will do it because i felt so bored and nearly fall asleep.

My very first task is to fax all the contracts to the clients and I was so happy to do it because finally I have a work to do. Can you believe it? From that moment I’ve growth and becoming who I am today.  

This job teaches me so much.

I learned everything that I do will come back to me soon or later. I learned that when you fall you are definitely can get up and start all over again. I learned that nothing is wrong to admit that you were wrong. Everybody made a mistake. I learned not to giving up or being too emotional over something that I shouldn’t. I learned that we need to work as a team rather than as individual to achieve the goal. I learned that argument won’t do you any good except for disappointment (but of course you may argue if you have a valid argument) and out of most I learned how to be myself without being over shadowed by somebody else.

It’s not an easy journey to walk thru but I try my hardest to make it thru all the way.  I fall I cry I scream I mad but that’s what make me stronger than before. Now my time here is almost come to an end. I’m going to say a goodbye to my team which I treasure the most. Sometime we are not in the same page but at the end of the day we can seat down having a normal conversation like nothing happen before. 

Can I have this kind of team at my new place?  Only Allah knows the best.

I’m grateful for the opportunity given. I’m grateful for the team that I have and I thank you for the lessons that I learned. This is definitely not a goodbye till we meet again…

Your junior,